Rabbids Crazy Rush


A rabbids-themed endless runner



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Rabbids Crazy Rush is a 3D 'endless runner' where players control the famous rabbids. Of course, although the mechanics of the game are identical to those of titles like Minion Rush or similar, the game is divided into a series of levels in which your aim is to meet a set of very specific goals.

The Rabbids Crazy Rush control system is not unlike other games within this genre: sliding left and right on your screen gets your rabbid to change lanes, while sliding up and down has it jumping or rolling on the ground. Sometimes, in addition, you'll get to drive some fairly crazy vehicles.

When starting to play you'll only have access to a stripped down, normal rabbid, without any disguises. However, as you go about playing and getting cans, you'll get to unlock more and more costumes for your fancier rabbids. You can dress them up as almost anything like bikers, police, ninjas or superheros, just to name a few.

Rabbids Crazy Rush is a very fun game. Its great graphic section loads of skins with different scenarios only adds to its whimsicality. Not to mention that Rabbids themselves are just always funny.
By Andrés López

Android 4.1 or higher required.

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